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Organic Baby Wipes Manufacturer is a professional manufacture and exporter wet and dry nonwoven wipes. Our main products are Baby wipes, adult wipes, antibacterial wipes,sanitizing wipes, make-up remover wipes,pet wipes and other functional wipes; meanwhile we also make baby diapers, baby pull-ups, tissue paper and so on. Concentrated by producing\selling and researching with online and offline sales channels together with exporting, our products are popular at home and abroad. Welcome customers to our factory for guiding and face-to-face talk.

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  • Address:Liamonte 1016-Aiso 11-1156 Puenos Hires, Argentina
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Our Team

Organic Baby Wipes Manufacturer
Website : www.invisiblelighthouse.com
Telephone : +54-11-4-372-1169
Address : Liamonte 1016-Aiso 11-1156 Puenos Hires, Argentina

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